Reach more prospects, without leaving your home, by hosting virtual events on Zoom.

You'll even get 9 presentations to get you started!

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There's no question that getting a group of your prospects together for a Shaklee In-Home has always been a great way to introduce people to Shaklee, and our incredible products. Many of today's huge Shaklee businesses were built doing just that. The problem today is that, with many people self-quarantining, it's impossible to get in front of the people who you want to introduce Shaklee to.

Today, nearly everyone is more comfortable reaching out virtually than ever before!

Virtual Events are simply "In-Homes" that are held ONLINE using resources we all have available to us, most of them for free. They allow you to reach more people in a friendly, convenient way . . . and they can be FUN!

Your participants join you right from the comfort (and safety) of their home.

  • Grow your Shaklee business without the time requirements, and expenses of travel. You'll learn how to achieve far more, in far less time.
  • Get together virtually with people who are self-quarantining in a safe and fun manner.
  • Reach more people, and grow your team faster, without the limits of geography.
  • Win back dormant members & customers. Reignite their excitement about about Shaklee, and Shaklee products. Virtual In-Homes are great for talking about new products and programs (like me+ology).
  • Help your new distributors reach customers, and learn a process they can easily duplicate.

Session 1:
In Homes & Zoom

  • You'll learn how to register your Zoom account (if you haven't already)
  • We suggest you start with a free Zoom account
  • Optimizing your Zoom settings and setting up your camera
  • Tips for running In-Homes on Zoom
  • Components of a successful In-Home

Session 2:
Inviting For Success

  • How to invite people to your Event so they WANT to join you
  • Creating a Facebook Event for inviting
  • Inviting through Social Media, AND other ways that up attendance
  • Using the Social Media posts inside your Virtual EventPAKs

Session 3:
Holding Your Events

  • Working with the Virtual EventPAKs
  • Showing videos during the event
  • How to keep your participants engaged
  • Games you can play
  • Prizes - Special Offers
  • Following up after the event

Session 4:
A Virtual Event

  • Our final session is a Virtual Event with actual participants
  • You'll see one of the EventPAKs that come with the course in action
  • We hold a special post-event wrap up to answer questions and help set YOU up for future success

You'll Receive NINE Virtual EventPAKs You Can Use Right Away.

In addition to the recorded training above, you'll be able to watch two recorded Virtual Events, and receive eight "done for you" Virtual EventPAKs. You can use them on Zoom, do a Facebook Live (or Watch Party), or record yourself, and post it onto social media (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram). These EventPAKs will allow you to start your own Virtual In-Homes.

Making YOUR Home Safe

The importance of using greener cleaners for your family. We talk about the effectiveness of Shaklee cleaners and the credibility of the company.

Sports Nutrition

Whether you're a weekend warrior, or a full time athlete, you can improve performance with some simple tips.

Living In A Healthy Home

Things you can do to keep your whole family healthy & happy. We look at overall nutrition for the family, and show why you can always rely on Shaklee.

Dealing With Stress

We identify key causes of stress that we all face every day, and give some ideas on how to fight them.

Prove It Challenge

We talk about Shaklee's superiority and introduce how easy it is to start on the path to great nutrition with the "Prove It Challenge."

Building Immunity

How we can keep ourselves (and our families) as safe as possible. We offer tips to stop the spread, and nutritional suggestions for a healthy immune system.

Work From Anywhere

"Work From Anywhere" is designed to show how you can start a Shaklee business as a "Plan B" and build it to where it can give you financial security in any environment.

Introducing Me+Ology

This 15-minute Pop-Up event is designed to get people started fast on Shaklee's new Me+Ology program. You get people into the event, talk about the Shaklee difference, and then have them take the quiz.

My Virtual Grand Opening

"My Virtual Grand Opening" will help new distributors introduce friends and family to their new business. Grand Openings have long been the perfect way to launch new business builders - we'll show you how to do it virtually.

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Although our class has completed, you can still access all materials, including 4 hours of instruction, the nine EventPAKs (see above) and special bonus tutorials.

You will have have access for a full year!


*Pay just $89 for the recorded course (instead of the $129 we charged live).



Four One Hour Training Sessions

Learn how to host your own Virtual Event, you'll have access to four one-hour training plus special tutorials, and handouts, to make the learning process easier.


If you aren't 100% satisfied that you've received the information you need to hold your own virtual (online) event for your Shaklee business, we'll cheerfully refund your money. It's that simple! 

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